Copper Country Rentals has been faithfully serving people, especially Michigan Tech students, since 1983.

My name is Jon and I own Copper Country Rentals. Over the decades I’ve received a lot of feedback on what my clients seek in a rental property and actively use this feedback to ensure our agency is able to best fulfill our client needs.

We are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our clients get the type of housing they want at a price they can afford. Copper Country Rentals was selected for the 2019 Best of Houghton Awards in the category of Apartment Rental Agency. I was proud and honored to receive this award because customer service is our #1 goal.

Top Reasons Why People Choose to Rent With Copper Country Rentals

Houghton Rental Award

Affordable Prices

At Copper Country Rentals, we strive to provide quality student housing at a reasonable cost. Our agency understands college students are typically on a tight budget which is why a part of our mission is to provide quality housing at a reasonable cost. The rates we offer are fair and not over-inflated as you’ll find in some college towns.

Rent Safe and Clean Housing

We care about the welfare of our students and Copper Country Rentals will make sure you receive safe and clean housing. All the rentals I list are inspected annually by the City of Houghton. You can rest assure the apartment or house you rent is up to code and is safe.

We also make certain our student renters have clean spaces to rent and have reliable support with any maintenance needs. Our maintenance and cleaning staffs have been with our agency for years. Rental units are all updated on a regular schedule, so you won’t find aging or rundown housing with us.

Convenient Locations

MTU students love the convenience of the apartment and houses they rent from Copper Country Rentals. All of our Houghton Michigan rentals are within walking distance of campus. On average, the walk is about five minutes. This proximity alleviates students’ car and gas expenses or the need to rely on other types of transportation to get to classes on time.

Security Deposit Refunds

Many college students struggle to receive all – or even any part of – their security deposit back. Many property management companies and rental agencies state they have found flaws in apartments and houses that were not pre-existing, even if there are no new flaws or damages. It’s often a losing battle for students to fight with property management companies over the full return of security deposits. At Copper Country Rentals, our data shows 90% of our tenants receive their full security deposit back. We won’t shortchange you – we promise. If money is held back for any reason, we’ll provide you full and honest disclosure as to why.

Personable Service and Support

As noted, customer service is our #1 priority.

Most of my clients rent from me, on average, for about three years. I make myself personally available to all of the students who rent from me.

Every one of the students who rent from Copper Country Rentals has my personal phone number so they can reach me at any time. Being available to my students is very important to me.

Copper Country Rentals is heavily involved in the MTU student community and actively works to support many of the university’s sports programs. Students who study here quickly find they become a part of a close and tight-knit community. Over time, I’ve developed lifelong friendships with many former tenants and routinely keep in touch with them.

Call Today For Safe and Affordable Student Housing

Whether you’re seeking to rent an apartment or house for a semester or for your entire college experience once you move out of the dorms, I can help you find the right housing to suit your needs here in Michigan’s beautiful Copper Country. I can also help you to connect with other compatible roommates looking for the same type of housing you seek. Contact me for a tour or call or text at 906-370-7356.